Pre-Purchase Electrichecks

Electrical faults are the second most common cause of fires, and they all too often claim lives. Does your pre-purchase building inspection include checking the electrical wiring, or a list of potential electrical dangers? Most pre-purchase building inspections don’t include checks of electrical systems.

A Dempster & Hill pre-purchase Electricheck provides you with a report on:

  • Condition of smoke alarms and their positions
  • Detailed condition of fixed wiring
  • Potential electrical threats
  • Safety switch and power box condition
  • Appliance (hot water/stove/etc) compliance with regulations
  • Quality of electrical service to the building

Please be aware that we cannot determine the condition of in-situ wiring, components, etc., which we can’t physically see. This is a visual non-invasive check only.

Importance of a Dempster & Hill Pre-Purchase Electricheck

The investment in a Dempster & Hill pre-purchase Electricheck stands you in good stead with negotiating leverage if faults are found which might be dangerous, or expensive to correct. It’s important to be aware of prior defective installation work, for insurance purposes and your own safety.

A thorough Electricheck carried out by Master Electricians protects your investment. Give your family the peace of mind a new dwelling should bring, and feel comfortable about bringing employees safely into a new commercial space.

It’s easy. Contact Dempster & Hill and we’ll organise it for you.