Tiger Tails

Tiger Tails are yellow and black striped coverings clipped onto overhead lines as an obvious visual warning to workers around such overhead lines.

The use of Tiger Tails is just one of the methods by which Dempster & Hill is leading the way in improving electrical safety for Northland professionals working near low voltage overhead power lines. Such workers include scaffolders in particular, but also painters, builders, mobile height access equipment operators, and utilities and other electrical contractors.

Legally enforced rules apply around the allowable proximity by workers to low voltage power lines. Tiger Tails assist in making these power lines obvious so that the minimum range can be easily identified and maintained.

Tiger Tail wraps offer only temporary electrical wire insulation – but importantly, they are a visual warning to take utmost care within the legal range of low voltage overhead power. Tiger Tails allow a reduction in safe approach distances but insulation is minimal and lines should be treated as dangerous.

Just like a real tiger’s tail, Dempster & Hill’s Tiger Tails are a warning. Back off, be alert.

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